Top 5 Green Building Products


Ecomii, a green building and remodeling blog, visited the GreenBuild International Conference and Expo in Phoenix, Arizona last week and chose New World Home as their #1 green product for homes. An excerpt:

This years’ 2009 GreenBuild International Conference and Expo drew more than 27,000 architects, developers, builders & innovators, making it clear that a movement is well underway.

Rick Fedrizzi, CEO and a founder of the organization that started it, the United States Green Building Council, or USGBC, spoke to a packed house at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona last week. ”We have the power to make choices that will fundamentally change the environment and people’s lives for the better.”

GreenBuild’s keynote speaker this year, Vice President and climate change activist Al Gore, reiterated Fedrizzi’s sentiment and encouraged all Greenbuilders to stay on track and be proud of their efforts that will undoubtedly be felt by the next generation.

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