Step 1: Acquire Land
The process initiates with the acquisition of land on which to build your home. If you already own a building lot, you’re ready to move to the next step. If you do not own land, we can help facilitate the land search as New World Home works closely with land developers, realtors and builders around the country.

Step 2: Select Home Design, Floor Plan & Option
Working collaboratively with one of New World Home’s housing specialists, you review and select a home design and floor plan, then customize you home with a wide array of pre-selected NOGM options.

Step 3: Determine Pricing
Once the final design of your home is complete, we will generate the price of your NOGM package in concert with our preferred partner factory. Concurrently, New World Home works seamlessly with local on-site contractors to determine the cost of finishing the home and related site costs. Together, the NOGM package and site costs determine your total contract price and will form the basis of your financing requirements.

Step 4: Engineering & Permits
New World Home will work with you and a local contractor to submit for and acquire all of the necessary engineering and building permits required for project construction.

Step 5: Production & Site Prep
Working with local contractors, the building site is prepped for the installation of the pre-cast foundation system. The foundation is then delivered and installed on site. While the site work continues, production of your home begins in the factory.

Step 6: Home Delivery & Set
The modular components are delivered, craned into position and typically set in one or two days. The modules are delivered with plumbing, electrical, windows, fixtures and cabinets already installed.

Step 7: Home Finishing
Your home is finished on-site by an established local builder (GC). New World Home education and warranty programs are provided to help you understand the many NOGM features/benefits and to optimize your home’s performance in an ongoing manner.