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Neighborhood Fit: Traditional styling combined with a high level of performance is expected to appeal to a wider audience and enable New World Homes to fit seamlessly into existing infill locations.

Rich Binsacca of writes that “New World Home offers traditional house styles that combine off-site building with high-level performance.” An excerpt:

Modular housing accounted for only about 3 percent of new homes built last year, but the founders of start-up New World Home think they have the formula to push their version of off-site construction into the mainstream.

Simply, co-founders Mark Jupiter and Tyler Schmetterer have combined a vast library of traditional home styles with a spec list that uses LEED for Home Platinum as a benchmark. New World houses are “LEED-certifiable,” says Jupiter, and at a minimum are designed to achieve HERS ratings below 50 and reduce energy use by half and water consumption by perhaps 20,000 gallons a year, among other benefits. “This is architecturally accessible green building,” he says, as opposed to modern-styled homes that seem to dominate the übergreen landscape. “Our homes are designed to fit in and deliver a very high level of performance.”

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