Bringing Green, Modular, and Historical Together


Environmental Building News profiles New World Home in its January issue, an excerpt:

New World Homes may be unique in its use of reclaimed materials. Larry Greene, who purchased a NOGM home in Livingston Manor, New York (in the Catskills), fell in love with the place in part because of the antique fireplaces and lighting fixtures he found. “Your first impression is that this is an old house that has been carefully looked after,” he told EBN. Since each home is customized according to a homeowner’s needs, such materials can be found and incorporated in much the same way as in a site-built home.

When Greene purchased his home, he was only marginally interested in the green aspects. “The real measure for me was whether this was a house I could see myself in,” he said. After learning about the green features of the house, however, he has fully embraced them and even changed some of his behaviors. “A house like this creates a beneficial mandate: I’m sensitive about what sorts of cleaners I use and I take pride in the fact that I have weeds in my lawn,” he told EBN.

Read the entire article here.

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