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The New York Post writes about New World Home’s contribution to New York’s growing list of LEED buildings:

In the seven years since Battery Park City’s Solaire building became New York’s first LEED-rated residential development, eco-conscious construction has gone from being rare to almost run-of-the-mill. As of September, New York boasted 46 LEED-certified buildings, and another 550 future developments were planning to apply for LEED status.

New World has turned out three LEED platinum-rated homes — all of them achieving that distinction without using any alternative energy sources such as geothermal or solar.

“There’s a lot of building science within the houses that most homebuilders don’t go into,” New World Home co-founder Mark Jupiter says. By paying close attention to details like framing technique and window and eave placement, the company has been able to turn out homes more than twice as energy-efficient as typical models.

Mark Jupiter explains his decision to build houses modularly like this: “What airplane would you rather fly in? One built in someone’s backyard, or one built in the Boeing factory?”

The entire article is available here.

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