New World Home Builds Family Residence for Christie Todd Whitman – Former Governor of New Jersey and Head of the EPA

New World Home is currently building a family residence for the former head of the EPA and Governor of New Jersey, Christie Todd Whitman. The Whitman family selected New World Home because of their innovative and sustainable housing solution.

“We’ve been searching the market for many years for an authentic green modular housing company that incorporates traditional architecture,” says Governor Whitman. “My family and I were very excited when we connected with New World home, since the company is clearly making great strides in transforming the homebuilding industry.”

The family is building a custom designed home that is currently on target to be the first USGBC LEED® Platinum and NAHB Emerald factory-built home in New Jersey. Christie Whitman’s daughter, Kate Whitman Annis, and her family will be occupying the home in early March 2011. This project will also be the first house of any type in the state to achieve Platinum and Emerald certification without relying upon the use of any renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, geothermal systems or wind turbines.

Literally interpreting the ancient adage, “we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”, the Whitmans consider their New World Home an exciting family project. Upon completion, the homestead will be purchased by the Governor’s daughter and son-in-law who will raise three of Christie’s grandchildren in a healthy and eco-conscious environment.

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