New World Home Featured in New Jersey & Company

New World Home Featured in New Jersey & Company

COVER PICTURE: New World Home's 2010 New York City exhibition at the World Financial Center

COVER STORY: New World Home brings affordable, green, modular housing to New Jersey (and beyond)


“After years of research and development, New World Home recently unveiled its affordable Essential Housing™ product line. Today, the company, working with five manufacturers across the country, offers homebuyers myriad home-design options, all of which offer the highest possible energy savings and usage of Earth-friendly materials. Details like metal roofs, rainwater harvesting systems, dual-flush toilets, and use of low-VOC paints, stains, and finishes are standard energy-saving mechanisms that allow homeowners to save about 60 percent on their energy bills and more than 50 percent of their water usage.”

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