New World Home Featured in Builder Magazine’s 10 Design Trends for 2011


Factory Factor
Modular homes are still considered radical by many builders, but there’s a middle ground between box module and stick-built that they are starting to warm up to. We are of course referring to panelized walls, roof systems, and other prefab components as a means of moderating costs, reducing job site waste, and improving quality with structural pieces that aren’t exposed to weather for long stretches of time. Whereas “factory built” was once considered synonymous with “trailer park,” houses today that incorporate panelized design are nearly impossible to distinguish from conventionally built homes once they’re stitched up. And, contrary to some lingering bias, the prefab stuff is not invariably contemporary. Many factory-built homes now come in traditional styles such as Georgian, colonial, and even Victorian.

Homes in the Country Living Collection by New World Home are about as traditional as they come and – surprise! — they’re modular. The portfolio includes five house plans ranging from 1,100 to 2,300 square feet.

To view the entire Country Living Green Modular Collection of homes click here

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